Every second is an opportunity

We all have that one feeling
"...the greatest demotivation of a man are his defective pasts"
There is a time in everyone's life where it seems as though there is no hope. These times, decisions are even more difficult to take; daily plans looks worthless and cumbersome.

We are usually so much thoughtfully engaged with the past that we pay little or no attention to what lies ahead of us.

I have noticed that the greatest demotivation of a man are his defective pasts. He rules out plans and almost never keep to them; he makes promises which he scarcely fulfills; and makes decisions he never carries out. Most times, not because he is unwilling to keep them but because he is fallible by nature.

 Believe me, each time he attempts to make another plan, promise or decision; he is caged by his past.
One way or another, we must have had this feeling of unworthiness and ineptitude. 

This feeling out of the many thieves of time, is the greatest of them all.

The Good news for the Living

"And he breathe his last"; you have sure heard people say those words or perhaps read it in books. 

Unfortunately, these are the only words that convey a genuine sense of hopelessness on earth, not the loss of a car or a house. Therefore, everyone on this planet who has the precious gift of life should be optimistic and hopeful.

Deceitful personal confidences

Who, just like me is obsessed with the "1st" and "o'clock" beginnings?

 When will you begin you begin the project? On the 1st of next month
When will you start reading? By 7 o'clock today.

The reason I was obsessed with these type of beginnings is what I am always trying to figure out. This anyways, is more often a result of laziness because only few are willing to stick to this date and time conception.

I have always referred that as a deceitful personal confidences; when you are too sure to start an activity but at the end never catch up with the time. This attitude usually allows us consciously take decisions as to when best an activity should be carried out while subconsciously seeking means to satisfy our present gratification. Don't be a victim to this.

We are created by God and we started living when life was breathe into us. Man began his life from the time he breathe his first.

Respiration indicates life and as long as you live, there is hope for tomorrow.

The clock
"...we live now, in the seconds hand and the future, in the hour hand."

Sometimes in life, we are motivated by inanimate objects. The second hand of the clock gives an interesting illustration.

 Take a look at the clock, you'll notice the seconds hand roaming around the clock. You may begin to wonder "why the aimless movement?".

After an hour, you look at the clock again and see something different, the minute and the hour hands have changed position but you barely noticed their movement earlier.

This applies to our individual life's also; we live now, in the seconds hand and the future, in the hour hand. If the seconds hand in your life is recumbent, the future will surely be subject to stagnancy. Let the clock be your incentive. Its up to you to start acting now.


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