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Every second is an opportunity

We all have that one feeling
"...the greatest demotivation of a man are his defective pasts"There is a time in everyone's life where it seems as though there is no hope. These times, decisions are even more difficult to take; daily plans looks worthless and cumbersome.

We are usually so much thoughtfully engaged with the past that we pay little or no attention to what lies ahead of us.

I have noticed that the greatest demotivation of a man are his defective pasts. He rules out plans and almost never keep to them; he makes promises which he scarcely fulfills; and makes decisions he never carries out. Most times, not because he is unwilling to keep them but because he is fallible by nature.

 Believe me, each time he attempts to make another plan, promise or decision; he is caged by his past.
One way or another, we must have had this feeling of unworthiness and ineptitude. 

This feeling out of the many thieves of time, is the greatest of them all.

The Good news for the Living


5 Secrets of Early Risers

Many times, people have tried to elude the reality of being up early enough to begin the day's work; most often, giving illustrations and examples of celebrities who do not always wake up in time. Mind you, they have figured out what's best and works for them. Kathryn Schulz, an American journalist, explained that the reason for her late night rest and wake time was as a result of the writing triggers that comes late nights at about 10 pm, leaving her to rest at the early morning hours.
Also, Aaron Winsor Levie, the cofounder and CEO of cloud company Box says he wakes up at 10 am—even at that, admitted it was not a best practice. Everyone, therefore should have his/her reason and know what's best for them.

Here are 5 secrets of early risers dedicated to those who have known that being out of bed early enough is best for them, and are eager to know the secrets behind rising early.

"A lot of activities that are left undone throughout the day are usua…