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There is no one who has made it today that made it all alone. A number of persons must have been an integral part of his or her success, there is no doubt to that.
The greatest but subtle treasure that is on earth are the friends you keep and your family as a whole. They encourage you when you need to be encouraged; they protect you even in your absence. Think about them, they are numerous.
Imagine that Bill Gates childhood friends knew he’d be great. How close would they have been with him? It shouldn’t be surprising that he had met a whole lot of people in his life who ignored him instead.
I treat people in my life as though they are already great. I tell them of the best I see in them. It is true that you may not always have the opportunity to hear from them daily, but make the little moments of hearing or being together with them worth it.
I can remember the good things people did to me years before today. Don’t you think people will have in mind also all the good things you had done and are doing for them. Humans are always willing to pay back for little things or experiences that made them feel better.
Finally, I believe relationships are the cheapest investments you can afford after yourself. Do not underestimate the hidden gems of a relationship. CREATE IT AND KEEP IT.

Everything made today seems to be unique and of different purposes and most surprisingly of different makers.
Products created by people are often named after them. Subsequent products are usually not regarded highly as the first.
The truth is this; everyone was created with a sense of creativity. God had made us in his likeness. Yes, you did get it right; he had also given us the ability to create just as he had created.
If everyone in the world can open their mind to their potential ability, there will be no one begging for alms or unendingly seeking for jobs.
I was scrolling through some internet content when I came across the words of Adolf Hitler, “What luck for rulers, that men don’t think”. If every servant knew what their rulers did know, no one of them would remain a servant.
Have a desire to make a difference in our world. Be independent Be creative and be yourself. I’ll leave you with the words I once saw that changed the way I thought about myself; Man was made to live his making, living his making therefore makes his living.

In years past, I have noticed in my life that the periods I took negative actions and did unreasonable things were actually well traced to events that made me angry earlier on.
Anger that resided in my heart would often than not create another personality in me until a time came when I got to understand that anger is a necessary part of the human character. In fact, any man who does not get angry was not born of a woman and may possibly have a psychological problem. Anger is natural.
Anger has caused people to kill unknowingly or say words that can damage a relationship. On the other way round, persons have done amazing things and made positive impacts in their life and in the life of others out of their anger. I’m sure you almost wouldn’t believe that to be true.
Let me explain with this instance: A boy who is mocked for his inability to read may become infuriated but here are two ways he would possibly react. He can either be rude to his friends who mocked him or he may become determined to excel in the area of which he was being mocked.
Curtailing anger may seem difficult but in time, you get so used to it that it becomes a lifestyle. Each time you get angry, think about the words of Elizabeth Kenny who said, “He who angers you, conquers you”.

The only way to have, is to give, sounds strange right? The reason why people will forever remain as they are, be it in mediocrity or poverty, is because their whole body and mind is inclined towards receiving and not giving.
When I talk about giving most times, money is the first thing that pops into the mind of my audience. Money is usually an essential part of giving but have you thought of things you can give outside money? You can’t remember any? Okay, let me help you out: Encouragement, Giving your possession, Giving freely your knowledge to someone who is in need of it, Giving your time to make someone’s day. Think of it, they are countless.
There is a feeling of happiness that comes to you when you give_ I mean anything worth giving; you feel a sense of worth and great responsibility, which of course is a good feeling.
Apart from that, people get to like you. Giving out your knowledge and time to someone is usually very scarce therefore when such people are found, they are treated invaluably. Be one of them.


After humility comes exaltation, after pride comes downfall. It seems as though people don’t understand how pride can ruin their lives. They have read about it, they have watched how the deadly claws of pride tear people apart in shame but they still engage in pride.
No one wants to work with a person who feels big and thinks s/he has the capability of doing everything. OH, no one does. There are people with potentials to be great who will never be great if they do not learn the act of humility.
The Bible reveals that God opposes the proud; man also has no option than to oppose the proud because we are made of God and we are like Him. Pride punishes itself as it always result to rejection from people. Humility on the other hand can give you a position that a proud man deserves.
No one cares to know how much you worth or how much knowledge you have acquired in the years. All they seek for is the character of humility in you. I have not seen a man who became great as a result of pride, and if at all he is great by any means other than humility, he will fall.
John Maxwell in his book, Sometimes you win, Sometimes you lose learn, referred humility as a spirit of learning. So then, who is a proud man who thinks he knows and has all, compared to one with the spirit of learning. If you don’t have it, chase after it. Learn humility.

image source: cbchamptons.com
If I had an opportunity to write all over again the following I have mentioned , there will be no end to it. In fact, all that I have written and all that you have read will be a waste of time without having the fear of God.
See what the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 12:12-13
12. Be warned, my son, of anything in addition to them. Of making many books, there is no end, and much study wearies the body.
13. Now all has been heard, here is the conclusion of the matter. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of mankind.
Think of it, what positive thoughts comes from self, what good actions can be taken with our body. Would you call that practice humility without God being fully being engaged? What relationship can stand the test of time if the one who brought relationships into existence and also the first to actively engage in it is not acknowledged?
I’ll conclude with the powerful words of wisdom
Proverbs 15:16
 Better is a little with the fear of the Lord than great treasure and turmoil with it.
Ecclesiastes 7:18
It is good that you grasp one thing and also not let go of the other, for the one who fears God comes forth with both of them.

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