50 Leadership quotes by John Maxwell

Have you ever picked up a book, read through it and wished it never ends?

   I’ve found John Maxwell books to be one of them, with his inspiring quotes and leadership advices.
Just in case you don’t know who he is, he is an American author and a pastor who writes books primarily on leadership.
Here are some of his quotes I would like to share with you. I hope you’d be inspired.

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“As much as we admire solo achievement, the truth is that no lone individual has done anything of significant value”.

“Everything starts with vision”.

“If you want to be successful and reach your leadership potential, you need to embrace asking questions as a lifestyle”.

“Life is a journey, one in which we seek to find our way and make a difference.Questions help us to make that journey”.

“A dream is something you really want to do, but a calling is something you have to do”.

“The more you focus on your strengths, the better you will be positioned to see and seize opportunities as they arise”.

“Each day is an unrepeatable miracle”.

“One of the best ways to persuade others is with your ears”.

“It’s obvious that when you listen you can learn. But what’s less obvious is that when you listen, you can help others learn”.

“People want to lead for many reasons. Some want power. Others seek riches. Many are driven by an ideology or a desire to change the world. I believe the only worthy motivation for leadership is a desire for servant hood”.

“It’s difficult for a healthy person to keep receiving from others without giving something back”.

“Leadership is a complex subject. I’m sixty-seven years old and I’m still learning”.

“Great leaders don’t start out great”.

“Leadership is more caught than taught”.

“Live in an artistic environment, and creativity often becomes natural to you. Live in a sporting environment, and you gravitate toward sports. Live in a leadership environment, and you become a better leader”.

“Every book you read, every lesson you absorb, every principle you apply helps you to become a better leader and takes you another step forward in your leadership potential”.

“Just because you have influence with someone doesn’t mean you have influence with everyone”.

“It’s one thing to say you want to help people on your team. It’s another to actually follow through and assist them all along the way”.

“The greatest challenge in leadership is making decisions that affect other people”.

“If you value people, you will want to add value to
them and serve them”.

“The leadership skills you develop will help you in all areas of life, but you cannot expect to lead in every area of life. That simply isn’t realistic”.

“There is no such thing as solitary success”.

 “It takes time to learn about yourself, but it also takes effort to remain true to yourself”.

“God only made one of you, so be yourself and do what he created you for”.

“Successful people develop positive daily habits that help them to grow and learn”.

“Who are the hardest people to teach? The people who have never tried to learn”.

“Make your friends your teachers and mingle the pleasures of conversation with the advantages of instruction.”

“All the good advice in the world won’t help if you don’t have a teachable spirit”.

“Every person has something to share —a lesson learned, an observation, a life experience. We just need to be willing to listen”.

“Anytime I’m exposed to something new—and this was a new area for me—I try to learn about it”.

“Whenever you see people who are successful in their work, you can rest assured that they are working in their strength zone”.

“The problems we face and overcome prepare our hearts for future difficulties”.

“People who make it a regular practice to reflect on their experiences, evaluate what went wrong and right, and learn from them are rare”.

“The longer we wait to pay, the greater the price”.

“The great leaders in history were great not because of what they owned or earned but because of what they gave their lives to accomplish. They made a difference!”

“If ever there was something our culture has a difficult time with, it is delayed gratification”.

“I am aware that significant birthdays can either mark the passage of time, or they can mark changes we’ve made in our lives to reach our potential and become the person we were created to be”.

“For everything you gain, you have to give up something”.

“The ability to innovate is at the heart of creativity—a vital component in success”.

“If others are continually praising you in a particular area, start developing it”.

“You should always strive to do what’s right. But doing what’s right doesn’t tell you anything about your talent”.

“If you are a young leader and you are still uncertain about where your strengths lie, don’t get discouraged. Try to be patient and keep working hard”.

“There is no substitute for your own personal growth. If you are not receiving and growing, you will not be able to give to the people you nurture and develop”.

“If you show appreciation but make no progress, the mentor experiences failure. Your progress is his highest reward. Strive for growth, then communicate your progress”.

“The person who asks the right questions learns the most”.

“The only thing that can come between a person and the ability to learn and improve is a bad attitude”.

“As you go through each day, remember that you can’t learn if you’re always talking”.

“When I teach and mentor leaders, I remind them that if they stop learning, they stop leading”.

“The secret to a great interview is listening”.

“An investment in your growth is an investment in your ability, your adaptability, and your promotability. No matter how much it costs you to keep growing and learning, the cost of doing nothing is greater.”



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