6 Reasons you don't get the most of yourself 2


A great number of persons live below their potentials because they are so comfortable with the very little they have.

I have heard great people say that success is the enemy of success, this I have blindly argued until I realized it was true. People who think they have made it because of the money, cars or houses they have acquired overtime, are most likely to be affected with the disease of complacency.

It is good to be satisfied with the little you have; these words should not proceed from the mouth of persons who are not willing to work because of what they already have, but only from people who still continue to work hard regardless of what they already have. That’s true satisfaction!

Check out the world’s richest men, you will always notice a similar trait in them all. One of the traits is their great discomfort for just little.

Bill Gates net worth was $315 million in 1986; in the preceding year, he had made more than three times that amount. Today, he has an estimated net worth of $85.6 billion. That’s a whole lot of money, don’t you think so?

Though, his first fortune according to Forbes was enough to make him very comfortable, he ignored comfortabilty and went ahead to get more of what he already had.

Out of the numerous enemies of success {fear, procrastination, e.t.c}, I believe that one’s last success is the greatest of them all.


Always said and heard is the topic of mediocrity but it’s quite unfortunate how many people still engage in it. You should not expect big by thinking small. Think Big, Get Big; Think Small, Get small. This is so simple.
One of the things I love getting myself involved in is listening to great achievers and how they were able to get through certain life challenges. The experience of Sujibomi Ogundele, the youngest billionaire in Nigeria is one that inspires me.

Sujibomi was opportune to meet with the Emir of Dubai {Mohammed Bin Al Maktoum}. During his conversation, he made known his intention of transforming the Nigerian real estate sector. “Your dreams are too small, double it, after you achieve it, contact me”. You did guess right, those were the words of the Emir.

Surprisingly, he had told some of his friends earlier about this same intent but they had given him just exactly the opposite of the Emir’s word. Sujibomi is bigger and better than what he should have been only because his thought was transformed.

Henceforth, desire to THINK BIG. Perhaps, you’re still far away from who you should be.


Do you always think your opinions matter most? Are you unwilling to hear what people have to say? Do you think you can be successful by doing it all alone?

If you answered yes or found it difficult to answer any of these questions; I’m afraid you might just be on the wrong track of believing it’s all about you.

Imagine your dreams without people; Imagine you have the whole knowledge in the world without people to pass it on to. What a waste, don’t you think so? You can only achieve success and reach greater heights by the level of influence you radiate. To who? Dogs? Cats?- No- To humans of course. So why then do you neglect a guaranteed source to success.

Don’t undervalue people who you think are not better than you in a particular field of life. They may be the ones to have you out of a drastic situation later in the nearest future. This act is usually associated to students who top the class. Well, it’s interesting to note that many great people today had low GPAs in high school. 

Therefore, when you think of yourself more highly than you ought to… Try to rethink.

Consider Einstein’s word, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll spend its whole life believing that it is stupid”.

In all, this is the greatest of them. If you're not getting the most of yourself. Make a change to the way you treat people generally.

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