6 Reasons you don't get the most of yourself


After much research and study, I came up with these six possible reasons you don't get the most of yourself.


We are humans and most times, we get comfortable and confident with the words, “I will do it later, that’s for sure.” It is shamelessly true that only one out of ten persons will fulfill their self promise. I hope you are not part of the nine. I sure trust you.

Every man on earth has 24 hours of time each day. It is really very astonishing how two different people might view this time and make use of it. Now I must be sincere, sometime in my life, I had wished the whole time of the day can be doubled i.e 48 hours a day, but it will never be possible. But the good news is, you can make the best of the little time you have. Here are 10 simple steps to make the most of everyday by Joshua Becker.

If you’d give me an opportunity to describe you, I will describe you based on how well you make use of your time. Don’t get tired doing the things you do because success in bits is subtle but obvious in the long run. If you wake up in the morning and get done, the most important tasks of the day, you’d be surprised of how much of the overall day’s task you must have achieved before noon.

Don’t wait until you are motivated, create it. Waiting to be motivated, just like procrastination, is a thief of time.


Do you know there is no limit to the availability of critics? It sounds funny right? This could be amusing but it’s the truth. So why do you get bothered about what they have to say, and why have you given them the key to your life?

In the world today, many people have limited themselves because of the never ending disapproval from their critics. Note the underlined word: you are not limited by their disapproval; you are only limited by engaging your mind in what I will love to term “criticism consideration”.

If I may ask, which is better, your friends or your foes?  “My friends”, you’d say. You are not wrong anyway, but do you agree that your friends can be comfortable with you being you. They may also be comfortable with your present success.

Now this is it, your enemies are not. This might seem irrational but it’s indeed true. But how? Let me explain, you see;

  • your foes reveal your limitations and vulnerability, this makes you break the barrier of being limited and susceptible
  • your foes who mock you for not being as successful as they are, are indirectly sending a message to you.                                If you are perceptive, you will hear the words of your own heart crying out to you, “Show him that you can be successful”.

King David had written with deep sense of understanding the words, “You prepare a table before me, in the presence of my enemies” {Psalms 23:5}.  Sometimes I wonder what he had in mind when he wrote those words. Maybe, “No, Lord, you can’t neglect the people that brought me this far, they have got to see my success”.-Just imagining.

When next you are being criticized, smile and remember all that you have known today. Know also that critics are always available to bring the best out of you. Make the most use of them.


Fear is usually attached to everything that is about to be implemented or established, from learning to going to a new place to starting new businesses and so on. These fears are usually summarized in words such as, “Fear of loss”, “Fear of death”. The most experienced being the fear of rejection and failure. In extreme cases, people call it the “The fear of the unknown”. If I may ask, what “unknown”?, Well, that’s not the viewpoint for now.

Life brings to you every reason to be afraid. It’s not life’s decision to make, it’s yours! You must have heard that courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to keep moving even in its presence. 

Albert Einstein once said, “Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Albert assumed that nothing is real and what results to reality is only a persistent illusion. If you develop a mindset as Einstein’s, you will become insensitive to fear and learn to make the most of every opportunity. The acronym of the word “FEAR” also agrees to this fact.
False Evidence Appearing Real.

Do not underestimate yourself because of what you see and think. The Bible admonishes that we walk by faith and not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7.

Who you are, is not who you truly are; your fears have limited you, and not until you break beyond the barriers of your limitations, you will not know who you truly are. 

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